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When Jamie Lynn gave the order to suck her toes, Lana Lopez had to obey! After all, Jamie had abducted, undressed and bound her; she knelt naked at the side of the bed as Jamie imperiously thrust her bare feet into Lana's mouth! For moments that seemed to stretch into hours, Jamie forced the helpless girl to tongue-bathe her toes and soles! What a surprise, then, for Lana when her captor pulled her onto the bed and voraciously mouthed the bound girl's petite feet! Perhaps captivity by a foot-crazed beauty might provide rewards to Lana after all! Abduction isn't a prerequisite to foot worship for most girls, though Meggan Powers wasn't exactly enthusiastic about inviting Kina Kai's tiny naked feet into her mouth (a minor personality clash, that's all). But Nikki Brooks and Samantha Ryan loved the sensations created by touching tongues to toes and luscious Lena Shelby happily sprawled on the floor so she could commit first-degree foot-worship with mischievous Georgia Jones! And for Hanna Hilton and Annmarie, bedtime was the right time for toe-sucking that ended only when both were too weary to pucker their lips!

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