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Jamie Lynn had worshipped Cassia Riley's feet from a distance; now her mouth would finally contact those delectable toes! As Jamie nervously entered Cassia's bedroom and slipped onto the sleeping girl's bed, she wondered how Cassia would react when she awoke to find her friend mouthing her bare feet! To her relief, Cassia's shock quickly turned to purring satisfaction; before long, Cassia even shyly asked to return the favor and began to worship Jamie's feet! A dream come true, thought Jamie, while Cassia's tongue flicked between her toes! Affectionate foot-worship also heats up the relations between Miko Sinz and Dee Lilly as well as Melissa Jacobs and Jennifer Emerson! But Sue Diamond takes Lena Shelby's toes into her mouth only because she's kneeling bound and helpless before her -- and crazed masseuse Molly Mathews can suck Karlie Montana's toes only because she's tied her frightened client to the massage table!

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